camilla maeve james
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camilla maeve
in brief camilla maeve iannello (née james) was born on march 30th, 1994 (25 y/o) in manhattan, new york city but was raised in santa cruz, california and currently resides between hollywood hills, soho and milan. though not exactly a household name, she's most known for her work in horror films (has been given the title of "arthouse scream queen" among critics) and did not feel the need to branch out until 2019 - it still remains to be seen whether she'll be successful in breaking out of the mold she's created for herself over the last eight years. enjoys building relationships with those she works with and has had multiple collaborations with different directors and costars. she's known for having an outgoing and bubbly personality — in a sort of (very) oddball type of way that some find endearing, some find annoying.
born to theodore young (86), academy award winning actor/director/producer (and grade-a sleaze), and aimee james (45), the cocktail waitress he had a three-night stand with while still married to his fourth wife. most don't typically make the connection between her and her father, given both the different surnames and his reluctance to both claim her/speak about her. the public (and teddy, truth be told) has no clue how many children he actually has between his multiple wives and affairs, though there are 12 known from his marriages and at least 6 known from his affairs (the oldest clocks in at 62 and the youngest at 9).

Aimee lived in New York City when cami was born, but when she was only a few months old, she made the move to Santa Cruz, California, where a close friend lived and had offered to help raise her. aimee went on to work as a playboy playmate who featured as playmate of the month during spring 1996 and playmate of the year in 1997, continuing to model for the company for another few years. (she never quite made it as hefner's girlfriend, and she's still bitter about it to this day.) she went on to do some work on soap operas and appeared on the eighth season of baywatch but never really made it big, and mostly lives off of rich boyfriends that appreciate her fake tits. cami has described her upbringing as "unconventional" and spoken a few times of visiting the Playboy Mansion as a child.

When cami was thirteen, she and her mother moved full-time to Los Angeles. She attended the Harvard-Westlake School, where she was a cheerleader and a member of the choir. her minimal filming schedule leant itself to attending college, and she graduated from ucla in 2015 with a degree in art history, because why not have a completely useless degree to back her fickle career choice up?

notable relationships
— She's been represented by Phillip Song of WME since the beginning of her career and is incredibly devoted to him. Her publicist since 2013 has been Meredith O'Connell of Narrative PR (when she left id pr in 2017, cami went with her), though she primarily deals with one of her assistants, Amanda Nazario. (Meredith took her on as a favor to Cami's father; she typically represents much older, much more A-list clientele, so amanda mostly handles her account.) Her assistant is Jenna Gonzalez, who has been with her since 2012 and the person cami considers her best friend. Her stylist is maeve reilly.
— while she has been involved with two-time director max iannello since september 2018, the relationship was not public knowledge until their sex tape was leaked in early april thanks to the hackening. it was discovered in late may that they had married after she was spotted wearing a ring and tmz posted the marriage license they had filed on may 13th in los angeles.
— she lives in hollywood hills with two other young actresses (sarah and rachel) and despite the fact that none are considered "a-list", they are renowned for their parties that garner stars of considerably higher calibre than they are - frequent attendees include drake and miley cyrus, among others.

— she's of brazilian descent on her mother's side and english and irish on her father's. she can speak fluent portuguese and conversational spanish & french, the former learned through her mother and the latter during school.
— very vocal about her love for sailor moon and does not care how much you judge her for it. enjoys anime in general, but tends to veer towards those with a fantasy or magical focus. additionally loves musicals, and the lotr musical is a forever fave and one of the best things to ever happen in her life; she knows it was shit but she loves it anyway, don't @ her.
— collects crystals to the point that she owns more crystals than she does clothes, shoes, and purses combined. one of her most prized possessions is a 3' tall amethyst geode she picked up in venice beach. also collects vintage tarot cards, books on witchcraft, and sailor moon stickers.
— has an impressive car collection, including a 2015 lamborghini huracan, a 2016 laferrari aperta, and a 2018 rolls royce phantom, as well as more vintage models such as a 1959 pink coupe de ville and a 1965 powder blue mustang convertible. she's known for somewhat reckless (speedy) driving and is convinced she should have been a nascar driver in another life.
aries ☀️, cancer 🌙, gemini ↗️, enfp-t, type 2w3, hufflepuff, pukwudgie, waterbender. ultimate extrovert, social butterfly that hates to be alone. new age hippie that loves crystals like her life depends on it and puts significant stock in astrology. open and warm, doting and affectionate, painfully optimistic, and quite emotionally needy. very empathetic and tends to sponge off the emotions of people close to her.

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