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Amanda della Ragione
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Aug 29 ⋯

So, so jealous you're in Venice, you lucky bitch!! Please send along a very detailed review of The Favourite, because I'm over here anxious as hell to see it myself. I peeped the hotel you're staying at, and I expect lots and lots and LOTS of pictures, please and thanks. Must be nice to have a famous daddy to throw around, huh?? (Are you taking note of the jealous tone? I'm trying to keep it under control, AND YET.) That said, let's go over some reminders, shall we?

Soooo, first and foremost, to say Meredith isn't thrilled with your dress for The Favourite is an understatement. Your defense of "but Rihanna does see-through all the time" didn't fly because, according to her, you are "not Rihanna"; I hope you can picture the exact dead pan, unamused way she said it. So. She signed off, but wrap your head around the fact that you'll have to go slightly less, uh, out there moving forward. We're trying to make it look like you aren't a trollop, ya feel me? (Let the record state I think the dress is bomb, but I'm not the one that gets paid the big bucks, so here we are.) I've already spoken with Maeve about it, so don't think you're gonna be able to pull a fast one on us, you shit.

Heard Leo is going to be in attendance at Venice - do not let yourself be photographed with him. I get that YOU can wander around unbothered because people don't really give a huuuuge shit about you (I say that with love), but he's sort of noticeable. (And, yes, I am saying this primarily because of those massive ass biceps of his. You can see them from miles away.) You do not let him post anything of you, you do not post anything of him. Hell, it would be even better if you would just AVOID HIM ALTOGETHER. Why would you wanna stay friends with him, anyway? He doesn't strike me as the intellectually stimulating type, so if you're not fucking him, what's the point?? (Don't show this to him, I'm sure he's great, but.)

You're such an easy client, let me tell you, because that's pretty much it. Since you're not premiering anything, it's not like I need to go over talking points or anything - god, you're just so simple. Just be good. Gas up Lex and Mae, and that about covers it. Don't make a fool of yourself. Limit the drunk insta stories. And I think that's it?


- Amanda
venetian nights 💯

King Princess • 1950

Dennis Lloyd • Nevermind

Blackbear • Deadroses

Never Be Like You
Crywolf • Never Be Like You

Kendrick Lamar • DAMN.

Jax Jones, Ina Wroldsen • Breathe

Try Me
The Weeknd • My Dear Melancholy,

Do Right
Glades • Do Right

Ramz • Barking

Bazzi • Mine

lovely (with Khalid)
Billie Eilish, Khalid • lovely (with Khalid)

Vargas & Lagola • Roads


Love Lies (with Normani)
Khalid, Normani • Love Lies (with Norma...

I Wanna Know (feat. Bea Miller)
NOTD, Bea Miller • I Wanna Know (feat...

Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On)
Dante Klein, Cheat Codes • Let Me Hold...

For The Love
Hearts & Colors • For The Love

Mine • Bazzi
Did you know there is not ONE metaphysical shop in the entirety of Venice??
This is a useless garbage city and I hate it.
I mean, alright, not entirely. The trip's been great so far and this suite is incredible, but - STILL IRRITATING.
This is why it's always important to have your travel kit with you; you never know what you'll come up against, especially in unfamiliar places. You brought your blue lace agate and black tourmaline with you for your anxiety, didn't you?
Of course, of course. And that's helping, it's good, I just - do you ever feel like your emotions are a jumble, like you can't figure out which way's up? (And you know how much I hate hate HATE talking about this shit.)
Everyone has days like that, Camilla. That's perfectly normal. Where do YOU think the problem is coming from?
There's someone that, I don't know - I'm looking at a bit differently? Or I think I am, at any rate. The whole situation is just... one of the most confusing, stupid things I've ever been caught up in, and it's driving me up a wall.
You should call on selenite - its high vibrations will help connect you to a higher source of wisdom - while you meditate on the problem; focus on breathing deeply and the mantra we spoke about last week. It may take some time, and I would suggest beginning to carry around a small piece of it with you during the day if you find the confusion is very much ongoing as it will help to soothe, but I promise, your answers will show themselves soon. Clarity always comes to those who seek it.
You always know just what to do, M; what would I do without you and that wise soul of your?
Can you send me another pair of the black onyx sandals, by the way? I feel like I need a back up pair, you know?
Of course. I'll have Grace send you another pair of all three, in fact - I get the sense you'll need the harmony, especially. Would you like them sent to your place in LA or will you still be out in Budapest for a bit?
Budapest, please. I'll text Grace the address. You're a champ, M, thank you 😘
Heard you're gonna be at Venice?
Yeah, already here. Been here for a few days. You'd know that if you followed me on insta - I have a good feed, you know. Lots of thirst traps.
I'll follow you when you follow me.
Whatever. You wondering if I'm at Venice for any specific reason, or?
Just wondering if you were interested in a repeat of a couple months back, mostly. No one hooks up in a limo quite like you, C.
Nah, I'm good. I got other shit to do.
You mean other people?
Did I say other people?
Just reading between the lines.
Whatever, man. I'm heading out for drinks, hope you have a good time.
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camillajames cheers to venice. (not cheers to @aloysius ditching me for toronto.)
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shauraaa all i want for my birthday is for you to wish me a good one mom!!!
bryantt63 Well tiff is better than venice anyway don't @ me
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camillajames 🍑🍑🍑
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saharsanjar well holy fuck this pic saved me
nicluxners YAAAAS MOM 😍🙌🏻💯
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camillajames no one cheeses quite like @alexandra 🧀🧀
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inaaogo you are such a natural beauty alexandra when will you come to brazil xxx
nicoleluxner 😍🔥
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camillajames don't let her face fool you, @maez DOES actually love me. (what she does not like is sitting in this exact pose for 15 minutes while i wait for the best light.)
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habipdemir02 Wow wow 🔥🔥🔥
florordaz please tell mae she looks amazing and i love her and would love to meet her someday many thanks
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camillajames can't take him anywhere.
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tarasamantha 10/10 would sit on his face
lyd.had r u 2 dating ur with him a lot
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camillajames literally, genuinely #nofilter. i think i'm in love.
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slleanse That blue water looks like it's been poisoned 😷😷
michaelcfinal ok but those pinks are really pink, more like #somefilter
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