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Camilla James @camillajames
thank u, next.
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Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 8h
coming soon
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 6m jk (but not) love u all                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 6m anyway keep listening to and downloading thank u, next so we can make $$ and he can take me on vacations thx                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 10m so i love all of u i really do but i am not here for u hating on someone who does not deserve it and y'all better be blowing up his mentions with nothing but love and positivity or i will literally fucking come for u                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 11m THANK U!!!!!!!!

Savan Kotecha @Savan_Kotecha
Replying to @camillajames

As someone who has worked with them multiple times 13/10 can attest to this
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 11m and anyone who knows us or has worked with us knows that more often than not i'm the one calling the shots anyway, sooooooo                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 12m like i'm not sure how many more times i can reiterate that he is a good person and anyone who knows him or has met him would tell you the same thing                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 13m BUT SERIOUSLY i can maybe get the concern but it's v misplaced considering an age difference means v little at the end of the day & at no point in my career or in the time i have known him has he done anything remotely resembling holding some sort of power dynamic over my head

♡ 𝒕𝒊𝒇𝒇𝒂𝒏𝒚 ♡ @DancingTiff_
Replying to @camillajames

This is all sweet and everything but it does not erase the fact he is not only 17 years older than you, but he has known you since you were 16 and that is an unhealthy power dynamic from the get go
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 13m feel free to stop by our bedroom sometime if u r worried about an unhealthy power dynamic, i assure u it's v v healthy

♡ 𝒕𝒊𝒇𝒇𝒂𝒏𝒚 ♡ @DancingTiff_
Replying to @camillajames

This is all sweet and everything but it does not erase the fact he is not only 17 years older than you, but he has known you since you were 16 and that is an unhealthy power dynamic from the get go
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 14m u already know the answer to this 😏

Maya Hunt @maya_hunt
Replying to @camillajames

serious q r u sure u aren't just dickmatized
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 17m a lot of u are comin at me with this bs "u just got out of a relationship" like yeah cool feelings r a weird thing that no one can predict or understand so can we just let that bit of the argument die because it's stupid                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 20m sis i been singin about him for years i just never SAID ANYTHING

slaying @savi_______
i'm just over here thinking it's weird how one day she's engaged to and singing songs about cole and the next she's all over her manager's dick 🤔
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 21m 😘💞

Carly Rae Jepsen @carlyraejepsen
Replying to @camillajames

Preach 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 24m max iannello is a god damn saint and i will defend him until every single one of u sees that too because he is one of the most special, incredible, well meaning people i have ever met in my entire life and i am just so damn lucky he wants to be with me tbh                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 25m so if one more person hits up my mentions with some dr. luke or like woody allen shit i am going to crawl through your computers and tv screens like the chick from the ring and rain down holy motherfucking hell, just STOP                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 27m and like, news flash!!!!! he did not even make a move!!!!! if i hadn't made a move first we would never even be here!!!!!                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 27m i am not some sort of teenager he has taken advantage of (he would NEVER) i am a grown ass fucking woman who made her own decisions and if u are so close minded as to think relationships and friendships don't grow and evolve over the years then i can do nothing for u                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 28m i have had other relationships, he has had other relationships, and we just got to a point where we wanted to be with one another - our friendship shifted and u know what??? that's okay                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 29m and to jump to shit like oh this must be a dr. luke situation or oh he must have been grooming her is not only totally fucking inaccurate and baseless and hurtful to me but really fucking harmful to a man who has done nothing but support me my entire fucking career                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 29m yes he is my manager and has been for a very long time but he always has and always will have my best interests at heart and there is never going to be a person on my team that cares about me and my well being more than max iannello i can promise u that                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 30m but not one single fucking person understands what we have or what we are - seeing a v grainy cell phone video and knowing that we have worked together for awhile does not mean u suddenly ~get~ what our relationship must be like                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 30m but this relationship is different and i wanted to keep this one to myself for a lot of reasons none of u are entitled to. i hate that i have to address it this way because someone took a video of us but i get that that's the risk u run when ur in this business                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 31m like imma keep it real and make one thing very clear: no one is entitled to details about my private life. i share what i do because i love u all and i want u to feel included. i want to give the love back that i get from u all and i mean that sincerely                                        
Camilla James @camillajames ∙ 32m OH GIRL HELL NO U KNOW IMMA BOUT TO POP TF OFF

𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔯 @coffeeneyeliner
who else is getting some major dr. luke vibes from max iannello now, jw 😷